Who are We?

We’re Sales & Sales Management Experts. We literally wrote the book on successful selling in the Information Age— “The Road to YorN.”

We fix Sales. Our proprietary YorN Sales process will improve your sales results. Period.

Teal Seas Consulting offers Sales & Sales Management solutions. We’re trainers, coaches, and sales managers.

Important Note: We only collaborate with companies and individuals who we feel can gain the most impact from our practice. We’re not a high-volume shop. Your success matters to us.

Who Are You?

You're a Business Owner, Sales Manager, or Sales Pro who wants better sales results, and you want them now. You don't like gimmicks or fairy dust. You want results that raise the bar and get you paid.

We can show you how to do that!

How Do We Do That?

We use "The Road to YorN"-our proprietary agenda-based Sales process that we've used for over 25 years.

YorN gets you to Yes or No—the only two acceptable Sales outcomes—and it does it fast. "I'll get back to you" doesn't pay the mortgage. Move in a straight line. Keep everyone on the same page. Improve your closing ratio, shorten your sales cycle, and accurately nail your forecasts. Get to YorN. Nothing else matters in Sales.

We'll show you how to use the YorN sales process to get incredible, measurable results fast! We’ll tailor our YorN Sales Process to fit your needs.

How Can We Help You?

Ahhh..let us count the ways!

We provide online, self-paced training or live training via Zoom.

We also offer 3-day, intense in-person training sessions. Continuous sales training and coaching are also available.

Outsourced Sales Management. This is an excellent solution for a business that doesn't have Sales Management chops or perhaps the budget for a full-time Top-shelf Sales Executive. We'll help you hire, train, and motivate your sales staff and focus on pipeline management. You run your business; we'll run your Sales Team!

Let’s Chat, Shall We?

Yes, we shall! Here's how to get this train out of the station. Call for an initial assessment of your Sales program, current process, and goals. We will take 30 minutes of your time, and time is all it costs.

E-mail us to get started, and we'll send you a sample chapter of our upcoming book—The Road to Yorn. You’ll receive a Chapter on the YorN Sales Meeting Opener for free! Yep, we wrote it! You can use it right away. It’s great. We love to share.

Call us at 941 280-1800.

or you can E-mail us at: [email protected]

or: [email protected]

Want a Copy of The Road to YorN?

Teal Seas Consulting is also the proud publisher of "The Road to YorN," a must-have Sales book and companion piece to our training. We want you to be among the first to read it. Order here.

This is not your Daddy's Sales book! This is about a process that works with a buyer who has Googled what they perceive their problem or challenge to be. They have already vetted your solution. They have googled you and your company. Ditch your Elevator Speech! They think they just want a price. Relationships no longer matter like they used to. Your Elevator Speech is obsolete. Sorry. Reality hurts sometimes. You need a sales process that will consistently win in this environment.

The Road to YorN.

Welcome to selling in the Information Age. You better learn how to survive here, or you will not thrive. Here's the good news. The Information Age buyer is manageable. They want to engage. Trust that they think they know the answer to their challenges before they engage with someone like you.

Let's learn the process and use the manual that gets you to Yes or No in a hurry.

The Road to YorN!